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Do participants need any philosophical experience?

I aim to make my sessions accessible for all levels of experience with philosophy. All you need to enjoy a philosophy session is a willingness to think and listen. For those participants who do have experience with philosophy, I can provide more challenging material and questions to engage with.

Are the sessions free?

I hope to make all the sessions I offer to community groups free for participants. I may charge for some public events and all private hire.

Of course, I do need to be paid for my time and expertise. I will work with organisations and groups to figure out payment. This may involve applying for funding together.

I am usually very happy to offer a taster session for free: if you're not sure whether you want philosophy sessions, get in touch and we can sort something out!

Do participants need to prepare for the sessions?

No preparation is needed to come to a philosophy session: participants should just turn up with an open mind and a willingness to share their ideas! I will sometimes suggest further reading or ways of taking their interest in philosophy further, but this is always entirely optional.