I have a lot of experience facilitating philosophy. Here are some of the organisations and groups I have worked with.

Royal Institute of Philosophy

I am receiving funding from the Royal Institute of Philosophy to run a ten-week philosophy course with St. Swithun's school, Winchester. I am running this course in relationship with The Philosophy Foundation, who connected me with St. Swithun's. The course focuses on the philosophy of mental illness and the use of philosophy as


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SLT Philosophy Forum

The Stuart Low Trust Philosophy Forum has been running for about ten years, and I have been involved for over three. The Forum is a weekly discussion group aimed at isolated adults in Islington, London. This is the group that got me into community philosophy. I learned to facilitate philosophical conversations with the Forum, and more recently I have played a key part in organising and administering the Forum's activities.

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The Philosophy Foundation

The Philosophy Foundation primarily runs philosophical enquiries for schoolchildren. I am a trained philosophy specialist with the Foundation and have worked with primary schools, secondary schools, and home-educated children. I have also helped to organise Foundation events such as the Happy Prisoner Festival.

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Shelter From The Storm

With other members of the Stuart Low Trust Philosophy Forum, I helped provide philosophy sessions at Shelter From The Storm in 2018. This is a homeless shelter in North London. I gave presentations and facilitated philosophical enquiries over a ten week course.

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Philosophy in the Park

In 2018, I organised a public philosophy event in Regent's Park, London. This was advertised in Time Out magazine and attracted over forty participants. I gave a two-part presentation on ideas of the self in Buddhist philosophy and the thought of David Hume. Volunteer facilitators ran small-group discussions tackling the questions I posed.

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