Image by Rohan Makhecha

Who Am I?

I'm Dr Simone Webb. I recently completed my PhD at University College London. During my PhD, I volunteered regularly at the Stuart Low Trust Philosophy Forum, a discussion group for isolated adults in Islington. From 2019 onwards I've been involved in organising and running the Forum. I found the Philosophy Forum to be one of the most fulfilling parts of my philosophical life. Rather than pursuing a career in academic philosophy, I decided that I'd rather continue this sort of work bringing philosophy to real people outside academia. I also work with The Philosophy Foundation running philosophical enquiries for schoolchildren.

My undergraduate degree was in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Hertford College, Oxford. This was followed by a Master's in Women's Studies at the same university. My PhD read the early modern feminist philosopher Mary Astell through the lens of Michel Foucault's later ethical work. I put both Astell and Foucault in dialogue with modern feminist ethics. 

I currently live in North London with my fiancé; we're moving to Eastbourne later in the year. To find out more about me and my work, please take a look at my personal website.